Buyers Guide

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Exclusive Buyer Representation …. We aim to take away the stress or uncertainty.

When you are looking to buy property in New Zealand, you need the best professional help that you can find. Many buyers use sales agents and spend time shopping through untenable properties, sorting through misinformation, and blindly negotiating.

Real Estate sales agents are helpful when you’re selling a property, but their goal is to sell properties regardless of whether the properties are ideal for your budget or lifestyle. When you are buying real estate, you need a buyer’s agent who will work exclusively for you to find an appropriately priced, well-presented property that matches your expectations.

NZ Buyers Agent is a company that specialises in exclusive buyer representation. Our agents are experienced professionals who can help you find the perfect property.

Whether you are an NZ resident or foreign investor we tailor our services to your specific housing and investment preferences.

Following is a brief outline of how the process works for you:-

  •  Your Preferences:  Gaining a full understanding of your home or investment needs and preferences.
  •  Provide Referrals: If needed we can guide you through the process for obtaining legal representation, mortgage funding, accountancy and more.
  •  Research: Source, access all the best available property options that fit your requirements.
  •  Fully evaluate every option using Comparative Market Analysis combined with ‘coal face’ experience to estimate a fair value.
  •  Negotiate to secure a chosen property at the best possible price.
  •  Manage the pre-settlement process until settlement day to avoid delays or any issues that may occur.